International Relations Lecture Series

Dr. Anshuman Singh, Associate Professor of Information Systems & Technology, University of Missouri in St. Louis

09 March, 2021

Artificial Intelligence: An Ethics Perspective

Presentation Overview

Artificial Intelligence has given birth to technologies like autonomous weapon systems, face recognition surveillance cameras, and recommender systems for online shopping and entertainment. The same technologies have also been applied for developing lethal autonomous weapon systems, cameras for racial and ethnic profiling, and attention manipulation recommenders. This talk will explore promises and challenges of some of the most impactful AI technologies as we enter a new decade. The talk will also provide an overview of the security and privacy implications of AI in the cyberspace. The talk will conclude with some solutions that have been suggested by experts to ensure ethical application of AI.

About Anshuman Singh, PhD

Dr. Anshuman Singh has been an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Technology at the University of Missouri-St Louis since Fall 2019. Prior to joining UMSL, he was an Assistant Professor and Cybersecurity Program Coordinator at the University of Central Missouri. Dr. Singh’s specialization is at the intersection of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He teaches the Software Assurance and Artificial Intelligence for Business courses at UMSL. He is currently involved in interdisciplinary research on artificial intelligence maturity in organizations. In the past, he has also worked as a research scientist on DARPA and Air Force funded research projects on the application of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. He earned his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He holds the CISSP and GPEN certifications.

More About The Topic

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