International Relations Lecture Series

Ariel Burgess, MSW

08 March, 2022

Welcoming Refugees to St. Louis and a Glimpse at the World Refugee Situation

About The Topic

The speaker will give us a glimpse of the worldwide refugee situation and then focus on refugees already in St. Louis, expected refugee arrivals, and how the community can support refugee resettlement.


About Ariel Burgess

Ms. Burgess is Vice President of Client Services at the International Institute of St. Louis. She brings over 20 years of experience and practical knowledge to the field of refugee resettlement, having first started in the field when Bosnians were coming to the U.S. and St. Louis.  To date, Ms. Burgess and the Institute have been instrumental in bringing Afghans who were evacuated in 2021 to St. Louis.

Ariel Burgess