International Relations Lecture Series

Dr. Henry Rowold

14 March, 2021

Relations among Taiwan, China and the United States

About The Topic

In his IRLS talk, he will share his perspective on the history of China, and Taiwan and the US involvement with these countries. Both the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan have grown from poverty during the last century, and both have become major economic and technological powers. China has theworld’s largest population, has sent a person to the moon, has hosted the Olympics, and is vying with the USA to be the largest economic and military power. Taiwan, with a population of 24 million, has an economy rated the world’s 8 th to 10 th largest, and serves as the world’s “chip” center.

About the speaker

Dr. Rowland is a retired Professor Emeritus of international research of the Institute of Mission Studies at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Before joining the faculty of Concordia Seminary, Dr.Rowold went to Taiwan in 1965 to learn the culture and language.