International Relations Lecture Series

Dr. Marlene Katz

11 April, 2023

A Truly Global Problem: Coping with Climate Change

About The Topic

As a result of the warming atmosphere changes are occurring that are environmental, economic, and societal. On our planet everything is connected to everything else. This makes dealing with climate change more difficult while it also makes the impact of corrective changes more dramatic. This presentation will illustrate how human ingenuity is developing solutions to the problems that climate change brings and will emphasize the importance of recognizing both the
difficulties of learning to cooperate on a global scale and the necessity for this kind of action. The listener will be challenged to work on ideas that can be connected to actions on complex problems that are being exacerbated by global warming, such as immigration.

About the speaker

Dr. Katz is an educator and speaker on environmental problems. She received her MS and PhD in biochemistry from the University of Chicago. In addition to working as a research chemist at the Southern Research Institute, she taught biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and environmental science for 42 years at several community colleges, universities and liberal arts institutions. Dr. Katz is currently a facilitator at Washington University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Center in addition to serving as a speaker for the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden and various church groups and garden clubs.